How To Hang Curtain Rods

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Luxury how to hang curtain rods the best part Ideas how to hang curtain rods in Another common type of curtains and drapes square measure tiers. Tiers are also called restaurant curtains; they come in several totally different styles to fulfill on the subject of everyones desires, taste, and style. they are short long and are usually employed in kitchens and baths for ornamental purposes. Basically, tiers cover the lower half of the window employing a tension rod and might be fantastically combined with a swag, framing or top tier for a far better, a lot of decorative look.

HOW TO FIX CURTAIN RODS Amp BRACKETS AT HOMEHow To Hang A Curtain Rod By Eesha Media YouTube

before you install curtain rods decide where you want the bottom of your curtains to fall and use a measuring tape to determine where the top of the curtains will be mark this spot on either side of your casing and use a laser level to make sure your marks are even, diy curtain rod place the rod into the right side bracket and use a level to determine the placement of the left side bracket align the bracket over the center of the 15â mark referenced in step 2 and use a pencil to mark the holes where the screws will go remove the rod and repeat steps 47 to secure the left side bracket to the frame.

raise the curtain rod right below the ceiling line and you will add height and style to your room you can do it yourself and you will feel more self sufficient, so using the correct drill bit size for your anchors is important it should be indicated in your curtain rods instructions or on the box that your anchors came in 5 screw your hooks to the wall the rest is pretty straightforward hammer in your anchors and secure your curtain rod hooks to the wall using the provided screws

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advertisement step 4 once youve factored in curtain length window height and width hold a bracket up to the wall so that the position of the rod lines up with your initial markings then use a pencil to indicate where the screws should go predrill the pilot holes at those marks insert the plastic wall anchors, proper installation starts before you break out the tools you must first choose where to hang curtain rods and select the best type for your windows measure the width of your window frame take note of this measurement decide whether you want your curtain rod to hang on the window frame or extend past it

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